Citrus Zest

Go to "Contact Us" to purchase.

Go to “Contact Us” to purchase.

This soap is like lemonade on a hot day … refreshing! You’ll be squeaky clean, nourished and energized after using it. We’ve added some beeswax to this bar for its softening and emollient properties. You’ll be ready for a busy day, just like the honeybees in our apiary. This bar has lemongrass and litsea cubea, essential oils for that sparkly citrus zest. Lemongrass is a tall grass native to India and Sri Lanka. It is antibacterial and an effective skin toner. The litsea cubea is also a disinfectant and antiseptic and is known to combat acne. The avocado oil has regenerating powers and is excellent for sensitive skin. Enjoy the creamy lather as it conditions and moisturizes your skin.

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