Nature’s Remedy for Dry Hands

Got the winter blues?  Need something to help get through this season of darkness and winter winds?




When we first began exploring natural body products, I was surprised to learn that all lotions contain synthetic chemicals.  Lotions are made with water and need preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing.  Water also makes lotions have short-term moisturizing capabilities.  Once again having bees made me explore how beeswax could be used in moisturizing natural products.  It wasn’t long before we began to create balms, and salves and butters.

Hand balm contains a high percentage of beeswax, which makes it firm in the tin and easy to apply.  It has “staying” power on your dry hands.  It helps protect your hands from the cold winter winds.  It is also long lasting and is wonderful for those who have to wash their hands often in their profession. We know several nurses that keep this balm in their pocket at all times.


Try our Calendula Hand Balm – an all natural way to protect and nurture your hands.   We infuse olive oil for weeks with dried Calendula flowers (Pot Marigold).  The healing properties of the Calendula are then found in our balm.   African healers used shea butter for thousands of years to treat dry and aging skin.  The beeswax in this balm comes from our backyard apiary and is another natural product that protects the skin.  This balm will soften and protect and moisturize your hands in the harsh winter weather.

Rosemary and May Chang essential oils add their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  May Chang offers a light citrusy smell of summer and Rosemary centers our focus by clearing the mind and increasing mental awareness.

Ingredients:  Calendula infused olive oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, and Rosemary and May Chang essential oils.


Berto warming his hands during a cold winter night in the mountains of NC. 

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