2012-04-08 19.01.18

We have always been at one with the natural world. We enjoy the stillness of the outdoors, whether kayaking, camping, fishing, wading in a creek, or sitting on our hill as we watch the wildlife in and around Back Creek.bee with pollen

Our love of nature drew us to become backyard beekeepers. We began with only the desire to nurture the bees, and now at seven hives, keeping them as naturally as possible and still not losing a hive over a winter, we can say the bees also nurture us, with their gifts of honey, beeswax, and perseverance.

It was the bees, the honey, and beeswax that led us to natural soap-making. We began by making soap for our family and friends. They’ve come back to us again and again for more, so we’ve decided to offer our soaps to everyone this year. We are still in it for the enjoyment, though–from the alchemy to the selection of essential oils–we just love making these soaps that derive from the wondrous work of our bees.
bee rescue8

Our  natural ingredients give your skin the care it deserves. Go to our Soap Philosophy page for all the details on our natural soaps and the ingredients.

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