Are Soaps Art?

We think so.

You can find us at the Tiny Art Show at Emerge Gallery in Greenville  February 5th – 26th.

Our soaps are just the right size for this Tiny Show….we’ll also have one of our large loaves on display – it’s scented with Lavender, Bourbon Geranium, and Bergamot Essential Oils.  It’s worth going just to smell it.  We haven’t named it yet…..maybe blossom, maybe bloom, maybe bud.


Here’s what the display will look like and you can see the long loaf of soap in the back with swirling colors. 



This is an annual exhibition and fundraiser for the Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge for their educational and outreach fund.

The fun begins on Thursday February 4th at 5:30pm at Emerge at the Pancake Dinner.

Tickets available at the door or on-line.



See you there!!!


Nature’s Remedy for Dry Hands

Got the winter blues?  Need something to help get through this season of darkness and winter winds?




When we first began exploring natural body products, I was surprised to learn that all lotions contain synthetic chemicals.  Lotions are made with water and need preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing.  Water also makes lotions have short-term moisturizing capabilities.  Once again having bees made me explore how beeswax could be used in moisturizing natural products.  It wasn’t long before we began to create balms, and salves and butters.

Hand balm contains a high percentage of beeswax, which makes it firm in the tin and easy to apply.  It has “staying” power on your dry hands.  It helps protect your hands from the cold winter winds.  It is also long lasting and is wonderful for those who have to wash their hands often in their profession. We know several nurses that keep this balm in their pocket at all times.


Try our Calendula Hand Balm – an all natural way to protect and nurture your hands.   We infuse olive oil for weeks with dried Calendula flowers (Pot Marigold).  The healing properties of the Calendula are then found in our balm.   African healers used shea butter for thousands of years to treat dry and aging skin.  The beeswax in this balm comes from our backyard apiary and is another natural product that protects the skin.  This balm will soften and protect and moisturize your hands in the harsh winter weather.

Rosemary and May Chang essential oils add their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  May Chang offers a light citrusy smell of summer and Rosemary centers our focus by clearing the mind and increasing mental awareness.

Ingredients:  Calendula infused olive oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, and Rosemary and May Chang essential oils.


Berto warming his hands during a cold winter night in the mountains of NC. 

Lemon Balm: The Secret Behind Citrus Zest Soap

One of our very first soaps is still a best seller:  CITRUS ZEST.  

It is full of some luscious oils:  olive, coconut, castor, avocado oils and mango butter!!  This was the first bar that we added our beeswax to.  We wish you could smell the grated beeswax melting into the oils.  


We also use lemon balm tea in this soap.  We grow lemon balm in our herb garden.  The bees love the flowers of the lemon balm in the late summer and early fall.  As you can see it seems we are moving in circles throughout the natural world to create our soaps.  “Interconnectivity” – pure joy.

Next year when you grow a little lemon balm near your door, remember to grab a handful of leaves and crush them in your hand and rub the oil from the leaves on your arms and legs (avoiding the face) —- it is a natural bug repellent!!!  It contains the essential oil citronellal.  That is what keeps the bugs away.

Then go on a walk, or swing on your swing set…enjoy the out of doors.


More lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) FAQS:

  • A member of the mint family
  • Make lemon balm tea to soothe and comfort our gastrointestinal tract (1 Tbsp of fresh or dried lemon balm leaves steeping in a cup of hot water).
  • The scent of the lemon balm helps to relieve anxiety and calm our nervous systems.  
  • It also stimulates the immune system.  It is an antiviral and antibacterial and helps with inflammation.
  • There are antioxidants in this plant that help protect our skin from UV radiation and sun damage.




Welcome to our blog.  We look forward to sharing our joy for nature and natural products for your skin and body.

We love to be outside, whether kayaking or camping or fishing or bird watching or sitting on the bank of a creek daydreaming or reading.  Nature offers inner renewal.
About 5 years ago we began keeping bees.  We have learned so much from our bees (our girls).  They led us to think more about the natural world and all the wonders it has to offer.  It wasn’t long before we were beginning to think about natural body products.  We found a way to use our beeswax in natural soaps and began learning all the details of natural cold press soap making in our kitchen.   That led to the discovery of essential oils, butters, soap oils, and natural colorants and additive oils.  After 3 years of studying and reading and networking with natural soap makers across the US, we feel very joyful about all of our creations.  Robert often says, “We’re healing the world one bar at a time.”

Love & Lilies

This is a GENTLE bar, with oils that protect, nourish, and moisturize. Shea butter and jojoba oil give your skin a BOOST of vitamins A & E and complex fatty acids that regenerate skin cells. Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca) is the “anti” essential oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic.  The scent of Lavender essential oil provides a calming effect. Continue reading

Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide is stillness and peace.  Ebb Tide is the time where the water is quiet on the creek – in between the tide going out and the tide coming back in. Avocado oil and mango butter are full of vitamins:  A, C, D, & E.  It softens and soothes the skin.  Mango butter calms skin rashes and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. This soap is scented with the essential oils: rosemary, lavender, and patchouli. It will leave you feeling cared for and relaxed.

Down to Earth

Like a walk in the woods, this Bastille soap is like a walk in the woods.  It is 70% olive oil and very gentle on the skin.  Coconut oil and castor oil help increase the lather.  We added some coffee grounds for exfoliation.  The essential oils cedarwood, rosemary and a little bit of patchouli make you feel grounded in the earth.


Sunfish is a bastille soap (70%olive oil) with the essential oils Rosemary and Litsea cubeba – and it smells like a bright sunny day. Olive oil is a good moisturizer and forms a breathable film that prevents loss of water from your skin. It is a mild bar that cleans well and is excellent for sensitive skin.

Back Creek Breeze (Jingle Creek)

Click on "Contac Us" to purchase.

Click on “Contact Us” to purchase.

Can’t you just feel the breeze on the waters of Back Creek paddling along in your kayak? This bar is the essence of a cool breeze on the open water. My mom called it a “million dollar breeze.” Peppermint and lime essential oils will energize and refresh your body and your spirit.  Jingle Creek is offered seasonally and has a full burst of only peppermint.  It’s a beautiful red and white bar which makes it popular as a gift for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Continue reading

Lavender Dream

Soap-17If you don’t already love goats, you will after using this soap! These goats live south of Raleigh, and I know them by name. They are raised with love and plenty of room to roam. Goat’s milk offers lactic acid, vitamins and cream. The lactic acid removes dead skin cells, the high amount of vitamin A repairs damaged skin, and the cream boosts the soap’s moisturizing effects. The selenium in goat’s milk helps prevent sun damage. And there is the lavender asking you to calm down and relax. So use this bar and let go of all of your stress and tension. Ahhhh.

Citrus Zest

Go to "Contact Us" to purchase.

Go to “Contact Us” to purchase.

This soap is like lemonade on a hot day … refreshing! You’ll be squeaky clean, nourished and energized after using it. We’ve added some beeswax to this bar for its softening and emollient properties. You’ll be ready for a busy day, just like the honeybees in our apiary. Continue reading

Triple Ginger

Go to "Contact Us" to purchase.

Go to “Contact Us” to purchase.

Many have said they would like to eat this bar of soap, but we’d rather you bathe with it. This soap has three sources of ginger: ground ginger, ginger grass essential oil, and pureed organic ginger root. This is a conditioning bar that will begin and end your day with positive energy. Continue reading

Moroccan Mojo


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This bar is full of magic and mystery. The essential oils lavender and anise combine to give you a sense of calm and focus. Anise comes from Morocco as does the Rhassoul Clay used to color this bar. Rhassoul class offers conditioning for your skin. Use this soap to renew your skin, calm down, and escape from a hectic day into the mountain of eastern Morocco.  Continue reading