Sunfish is a bastille soap (70%olive oil) with the essential oils Rosemary and Litsea cubeba – and it smells like a bright sunny day. Olive oil is a good moisturizer and forms a breathable film that prevents loss of water from your skin. It is a mild bar that cleans well and is excellent for sensitive skin.

The Dandelion & The Bee (unscented or orange/rose)


The first flower our bees find in the early spring is the dandelion. We let them grow all over our yard. It’s a great joy to see the bees enjoying these bright yellow flowers. We make a tea from the dandelions for this soap. Dandelions are great healers and this soap helps to heal the skin.

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Back Creek Breeze (Jingle Creek)

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Can’t you just feel the breeze on the waters of Back Creek paddling along in your kayak? This bar is the essence of a cool breeze on the open water. My mom called it a “million dollar breeze.” Peppermint and lime essential oils will energize and refresh your body and your spirit.  Jingle Creek is offered seasonally and has a full burst of only peppermint.  It’s a beautiful red and white bar which makes it popular as a gift for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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Lavender Dream

Soap-17If you don’t already love goats, you will after using this soap! These goats live south of Raleigh, and I know them by name. They are raised with love and plenty of room to roam. Goat’s milk offers lactic acid, vitamins and cream. The lactic acid removes dead skin cells, the high amount of vitamin A repairs damaged skin, and the cream boosts the soap’s moisturizing effects. The selenium in goat’s milk helps prevent sun damage. And there is the lavender asking you to calm down and relax. So use this bar and let go of all of your stress and tension. Ahhhh.

Citrus Zest

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Go to “Contact Us” to purchase.

This soap is like lemonade on a hot day … refreshing! You’ll be squeaky clean, nourished and energized after using it. We’ve added some beeswax to this bar for its softening and emollient properties. You’ll be ready for a busy day, just like the honeybees in our apiary. Continue reading

Triple Ginger

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Go to “Contact Us” to purchase.

Many have said they would like to eat this bar of soap, but we’d rather you bathe with it. This soap has three sources of ginger: ground ginger, ginger grass essential oil, and pureed organic ginger root. This is a conditioning bar that will begin and end your day with positive energy. Continue reading