Look!  We’re ready for festivals and outdoor events and markets!!




bath festival 3

If you want Back Creek Soaps at a festival near you, contact us with festival information and we’ll look into it!

bath festival 2

bath festival

Back Creek Soaps at the Bath Festival in May 2015


4 thoughts on “Festivals

  1. My husband and I enjoyed meeting both of you at the Red Wing Roots Music Festival in Virginia last weekend! Our skin and hair have been so happy all week, since we’ve been using the Full Moon Shampoo and the Sun Fish soap. Our bathroom smells wonderful, too! I almost can’t wait until we run out, so I can order up some more. Thanks for coming to Virginia!


    • We are so happy you are enjoying your soap. Thanks for your kind words. We really enjoyed Virginia and the Red Wing Festival!! We are planning to be back next year. Feel free to order on line when you run out. Best, Nel & Robert


  2. My daughter LOVES you Face It soap! I have purchased many facial products for her and this soap was the one that worked, cleared up her facial and back breakouts in no time! Purchasing a few bars for her so she won’t run out again. Thank you for making such a great soap!


    • We are so glad – this soap has “turned around” many young faces. The combination of activated charcoal to withdraw impurities and the Argon Oil for healing seems to help clearing a complexion. We’re happy that this is working for your daughter. Thanks so much for your feedback and encouragement. Best! Nel


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