All natural – you can feel it.


Dandelion & The Bee


The first flower our bees find in the early spring is the dandelion. We let them grow all over our yard. It’s a great joy to see the bees enjoying these bright yellow flowers. We make a tea from the dandelions for this soap. Dandelions are great healers and this soap helps to heal the skin.

It also contains raw honey and beeswax from our apiary. We add tamanu and jojoba oils.  These oils help with healing and moisturizing skin.  We make this soap unscented and offer a scented bar using Orange Valencia and Geranium Bourbon essential oils. This bar is a gentle healer.

Triple Ginger


FullSizeRender (12)

Many have said they would like to eat this bar of soap, but we’d rather you bathe with it. This soap has three sources of ginger: ground ginger, ginger grass essential oil, and pureed organic ginger root. This is a conditioning bar that will begin and end your day with positive energy.

It is revitalizing and uplifting as well as healing and protective to your skin. We should also mention ginger is a powerful aphrodisiac. Coconut oil increases the cleansing ability of this bar, and provides a fluffy lather that softens the skin.

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Citrus Zest


This soap is like lemonade on a hot day … refreshing! You’ll be squeaky clean, nourished and energized after using it. We’ve added some beeswax to this bar for its softening and emollient properties. You’ll be ready for a busy day, just like the honeybees in our apiary.
This bar has lemongrass and May Chang essential oils for that sparkly citrus zest. Lemongrass is a tall grass native to India and Sri Lanka. It is antibacterial and an effective skin toner. The litsea cubea is also a disinfectant and antiseptic and is known to combat acne. The avocado oil has regenerating powers and is excellent for sensitive skin. Enjoy the creamy lather as it conditions and moisturizes your skin.

Lavender Dream


If you don’t already love goats, you will after using this soap! These goats live south of Raleigh, and I know them by name. They are raised with love and plenty of room to roam.

Goat’s milk offers lactic acid, vitamins and cream. The lactic acid removes dead skin cells, the high amount of vitamin A repairs damaged skin, and the cream boosts the soap’s moisturizing effects. The selenium in goat’s milk helps prevent sun damage. And there is the lavender asking you to calm down and relax. So use this bar and let go of all of your stress and tension. Ahhhh.

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Face It

Soap-18This soap is for all faces. Activated charcoal in this natural homemade soap helps to gently draw out impurities in the skin while lavender essential oil helps to soothe and calm skin.  A touch of tea tree oil acts as an antibacterial.  The argan oil comes from Morocco. It helps with tissue healing and is an anti-inflammatory and a disinfectant. It has high levels of Vitamin E, antioxidants and skin softening agents. It contains phytosterols which decrease inflammation. The smell of it all is wonderful!

Carrot Patch

carrotThis is an unscented, mild, and gentle bar. Good for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. Perfect for babies and those who want to be babied.  The coconut oil and castor oils give this bar fine cleansing ability, and a fluffy lather that softens the skin.It is made with 70% olive oil, making it a Bastille soap.  Organic carrots add nourishment and color. We’re certain Mr. McGregor used Carrot Patch soap.

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Love & Lilies


This is a GENTLE bar, with oils that protect, nourish, and moisturize. Shea butter and jojoba oil give your skin a BOOST of vitamins A & E and complex fatty acids that regenerate skin cells. Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca) is the “anti” essential oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic.  The scent of Lavender essential oil provides a calming effect.

We added a little jojoba oil at trace. Jojoba Oil: contains Vitamins C, E, and B complex and has a high percentage of iodine. The ground organic oats we toss in provide your skin a natural and gentle exfoliation agent.

Marsh Rabbit Brew

FullSizeRender (9)

This is our first beer soap.  We used Amber Ale from the Duck Rabbit Brewery in this bar.  It also contains the lovely oils olive, coconut, castor, sunflower and shea butter.  We add some ground oats and honey and beeswax from the bees in our apiary.  It’s a totally natural experience!  This bar is full of viatamins and antioxidants.  Relax into the natural experience of this beer bar and enjoy the combination of May Chang and Lemongrass essential oils.

Jingle Creek (Seasonal)


This bar is the essence of a wintry gust on a brisk day. Peppermint essential oil will energize and refresh your body and your spirit.Prepare to be revitalized and restored by the scent and the soothing qualities of the oils. The Shea Butter in this soap is high in Vitamins A & E and complex fatty acids.

This beautiful red and white bar, a perfect gift for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, is available seasonally and whenever we feel like the world needs a little more peppermint – so ask, we might have it in stock.

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Ebb Tide

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Ebb Tide is stillness and peace.  Ebb Tide is the time where the water is quiet on the creek – in between the tide going out and the tide coming back in. Avocado oil and mango butter are full of vitamins (A,C, D and E) that soften and soothe the skin.  Mango butter calms skin rashes and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. This soap is scented with the essential oils: rosemary, lavender, and patchouli. It will leave you feeling cared for and relaxed.

Down to Earth


This Bastille soap is like a walk in the woods.  It is 70% olive oil and very gentle on the skin.  Coconut oil and castor oil help increase the lather.  We added some coffee grounds for exfoliation.  The essential oils cedarwood, rosemary and a little bit of patchouli make you feel grounded in the earth.

Moon Shampoo & Duck Stout Shampoo

soap-3        FullSizeRender (11)

These bars offer natural ingredients for your hair – just the right oils that won’t leave a film but will nurture your hair. The Apple Cider Vinegar and Beer act to enrich your hair follicle and make it shine.  Beer is full of vitamins and antioxidants.  Rosemary makes your hair shine, fights dandruff and stimulates growth.  Bergamot helps repair broken hair and protects your hair  from hair dryer use. It will take about 2 weeks to detox your hair from commercial products that contain –preservatives and silicone.                                    We thank Liz Ardlady for this wonderful recipe.

                      Be patient – it’s worth the process.

For a rinse we recommend 12 ounces of water and 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar.  Apply this after you shampoo and rinse with water. Be prepared for others to” awe” about your hair!! Then share your secret.

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